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After a tense Sunday spent pitching their extremely well produced projects to a panel of industry experts -from best selling authors to Emmy nominees - our three short film projects were chosen to go into production this year, with finance from Isle of Man Film. The successful shorts, which can now apply to receive 50% of each of their budgets, are:

“The Battle of Ronaldsway” by James Franklin, Produced by Mark Brabbs
“Breathless” by Shawn Sturnick, Produced by Angela Campbell and Jennifer Chance, and
“Muck” by John Craine, Produced by Bev Lawley

Read all about it on the Actual BBC website.


MannIN Shorts are pleased to announce the 6 shortlisted screenwriters for the 2014 Screenplay Competition, selected by former Hollywood reader Julie Gray.

Julie (pictured left), the author of the highly praised 'Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter's Atlas', commented: "I was absolutely thrilled at the creativity, originality and uniqueness that I saw in the scripts. The IOM is a gold mine - Hollywood better watch out!"

She also took the time to make notes on every single entry.

"To read the scripts from this competition was a tremendously refreshing and thought-provoking experience. Such creativity and such great writers."

The shortlisted screenplays are:

Battle of Ronaldsway by James Franklin
Soul Funk Mix Tape by Adrian Hall
The Three Legs of Diddy by Gary Tyrer
Muck by John Craine
Breathless by Shawn Sturnick and
Chips, Cheese n Gravy by Kevin Ford

The six chosen writers must now attach a Producer and Director to their projects, before a Production Package is presented to a panel of judges in March. The panel will include representatives from the Arts Council and Isle of Man Film, both of whom are financially supporting the filmmaking initiative this year, alongside special guests from the film industry who are professionals in the field of directing, writing and producing.

Three projects will be chosen from the six to be made into short films in the Spring and Summer of this year, to be previewed at the Isle of Man Film Festival in September before being submitted to international film festivals.

We will be sharing information about each of the writers and their screenplays in the coming days. .

Commenting on the extremely high standard of work, MannIN Shorts' Dave Armstrong said "we're thrilled that there has been such a great response to this year's competition, particularly with the Island of Culture initiative this year. We've always been confident of the high levels of talent in the creative industries over here, but it's brilliant to have our convictions confirmed by someone with such experience and industry credentials as Julie. We wish the best of luck to ALL the writers who entered the competition."

Julie, who is a Huffington Post blogger and also runs online courses in screenwriting through her Red Slippers Writing Room website, added "I always thrill when I read a good script and the sheer number of them in this competition blew my socks right off. This validates for me what I have long held - that Hollywood does NOT have the corner on creativity and in fact, it is in places like the IOM that we can find stories that are heartfelt, unique and meaningful."

PRODUCING 102 WORKSHOP Weds 19th Feb with Alistair Audsley
Following on from the announcement above, we will be holding the second in a series of Producing workshops this week. So if you think you've got what it takes to Produce one of the shortlisted films, sign up here and we'll tell you how you can go about it!


Are you a team leader? Do people say you’re diplomatic? Innovative? Disciplined? Authoritative? Are you great with budgets and costings? Good at time keeping? WANT TO BE IN THE MOVIE MAKING BUSINESS?? As we await the results of our 2014 Screenwriting Competition, we are on the lookout for people who might have a flair for Producing - as each of our 6 shortlisted writers will need to put together a Production Pack and present this alongside their Producer and Director for the final round of judging in March.

Next week sees the first in a short series of workshops we're running to encourage and train new Producers - in everything from scheduling to film funding to distribution. Thanks to sponsors PokerStars, the workshop is just £5. Absolute bargain! And you don't need to have any previous experience of the role. On the night we'll be hearing from a number of Producers who have learned their craft either through MannIn Shorts in the past 18 months, or through just getting out there and making mini movies on the tiny Isle.

Find out more and sign up to the workshop here - and remember, places are limited so sign up quick! (Please also share with anyone you think might be suitable): EVENT LISTING

In the next workshop, on Weds 19th Feb, we'll be hearing from former Manx resident Alistair Audsley about how he went from working in the advertising and marketing world to now being an award winning international film producer...

2014 Screenwriting Competition now closed..

7th Feb - After a superb writing workshop with Anne Marie O'Connor on Saturday for all entrants (check out the video here or on our Videos page), our 40+ writers have now resubmitted their final drafts, which are currently winging their way over to our 'Shortlisting Judge' -the brilliant former Hollywood reader Julie Gray. Julie is the creator of the much praised 'Red Slippers Writers Room', has taught at Warner Bros, London Screenwriters Fest, Great American Pitch Fest and others. Her latest book 'Just Effing Entertain Me (A Screenwriter's Atlas)' has rave reviews from industry and public alike. The 6 shortlisted screenplays will be announced on Monday 17th February. In the meantime, check out some of the press we received about the fantastic success of the competition. And to all entrants - good luck!!

Anne Marie O'Connor Writing Workshop Feb 1st 2014

We held a special workshop at the weekend for entrants into our screenplay competition, with writers getting incredible one-on-one feedback and guidance from Sky One hit writer Anne Marie O'Connor. Check out Emily Cook's video of the event here:




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Easter 2013 Film School

Film School 2013

Isle of Man Film Festival 2012

Behind the Scenes pics from shoot of 'Closet'

Closet - A Short Film Will Sutton Closet A Short Film James Hills Closet A Short Film Sam Waters
Will Sutton as 'Bobby', and DP John Craine on camera (fore)
James Hills, Assistant Camera with Emma Poyntz, continuity
Sam Waters clapping the Closet

Behind scenes pics from first day of 'Solace' shoot

Solace in Wicca Solace in Wicca

Writer Nat readies for Shot 1 Take 1; Liam, Daniyel & Bruno prep the shot; Andy(Dir) & Andy (AD) ponder the heavens...

Scene Stealer Part One? Done.

'The Graduate' - recreated

Congrats to Producer Emily Cook, Directors Gary and Katy Myers and the fabulous crew that worked on our first 'Scene Stealer Challenge', shot on Monday and being edited as we speak (or type).

With Lacey MacDonald on design duties and the unstoppable Ady Hall as DP and camera op (assisted by Dave Armstrong), the team had to deconstruct then recreate the iconic 'Are you trying to seduce me?' scene from the film, as faithfully as possible.

They did an incredible job, as did Matt Corcoran (as Ben) and Ashley Bentley (as Mrs Robinson), with extreme attention to detail that is sure to pay off. Especial thanks to Dorothy at The Hop Garden - her support as location owner went well beyond what was expected, she even supplied sarnies & pies for the hungry crew!

Next up, Bev Lawley and her crew are to recreate the 'Here's Johnny!' scene from The Shining. Rumour has it she's been on the phone to Jack Nicholson's agent, in an attempt to surpass Emily's efforts & distract the judges by playing the A-List card...tut tut Bev! ;) We can't wait to see the finished shorts.


Welcome to MannIN Shorts!

“MannIN Shorts”, based on the Isle of Man, is a new initiative to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers of any age to build their skills, develop their ideas and make films right here on the rock.

To find out how you can be a part, get involved, learn from the scheme etc, visit 'the scheme' page.

Also, if you're an aspiring filmmaker, visit our 'tips&tools' section for links to useful resources on everything from scriptwriting to directing actors to special fx.

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